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– is love enough?

Original Gauge: 16mm
Duration: 12 minutes
Language: English

John has arrived home to a warehouse apartment largely in darkness, illuminated only by a lamp standing beside a nearby couch. John sits and watches Ashleigh, deeply asleep on the couch before him. With every beat, every look, fragments of John’s life with Ashleigh in the apartment randomly flash to him…

Love’s Labour delves into John’s memories of his relationship with Ashleigh in the home they shared, and in so doing asks the question – is love enough?

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Festivals / awards / screenings:

Sydney Film Festival - ** Nominated for Dendy Award (Fiction)
Interfilm Berlin – Berlin International Short Film Festival
Sao Paulo International Film Festival
Zimbabwe International Film Festival
St Kilda Film Festival
Dungog Film Festival
In the Realm of the Senses Film Festival
Harvest International Short Film Festival
Home Brewed International Film Festival
Snowyfest International Film Festival
Moondance International Film Festival

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